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Operations Manager

Cody executes the day-to-day operations at Avalon with an emphasis on security, continuity, effectiveness and continual process improvements for the benefit of clients and employees alike. He creates critical operational and management reports, oversees the accuracy of client data, serves as a liaison with our custodian Fidelity, and ensures that technology aligns and effectively meets client and business needs. Cody verifies all assets are gathered and tracked, and portfolio management runs smoothly.


Native New Mexican, Cody earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UNM, and an MBA with a concentration in Finance from UNM's Anderson School of Management. Prior to joining Avalon, Cody acquired 5 years of management experience in a service-oriented business environment and worked for the State of New Mexico in the capacity of a Program Evaluator for the NM Legislative Finance Committee. Cody is detail oriented and a strategic thinker with the ability to apply unique business insights and opportunities that are in line with Avalon’s objectives.

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